HyGreen (hand-washing monitor)

HyGreen (hand-washing monitor)

The idea:

A group of anesthesiologists from UF who worked with Xhale, Inc. (a local start up business which focuses on monitored exhaled breath), asked about a materials issue in detecting hand washing compliance in a hospital setting. Because of the strong overlap with expertise from Xhale, they were able to rapidly design, develop and test a system that includes a badge worn by the health care professional, a bedside monitor, and a washing station monitor

Reducing to practice:

This next step was very rapid because previous contacts for each aspect were in place.


Commercialization was rapid because of the pre-existing channels, a very strong perceived need, and a method in place that had problems with implementation (rules and checklists). Popular Science magazine recently named HyGreen as one of the top technologies in 2009.

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